Terms and Conditions

What is the JPS Print Consultants loyalty programme

The Loyalty Reward Programme is a way in which we reward and thank our loyal customers for using our design, print and mailing services. The programme is based on a points system through various activities. A customer must reach the required number of points before being eligible for a choice of rewards.

How the programme works

There are 6 ways to earn points. Customers receive 5 points each time they qualify. To claim a reward, a total of 50 points must be earnt. To qualify for the rewards, you must be enrolled in the Programme.

There is no limit of rewards that any one customer can earn, the more points that are earnt,  more rewards can be claimed.

The different ways of earning points are outlined on the website.  Points can be earnted for recommending a new customer on receipt of an order (with a minimum value of £500 or various orders totalling £500 during the qualifying period).

To earn points for a testimonial, we only require 1 testimonial per customer for the website.  Endorsements on LinkedIn qualify as 5 points for 1 or more endorsements and not per endorsement


By enrolling in the programme, you will be automatically subscribed to receive and you consent to receive marketing emails and programme-related emails from JPS Print Consultants, including programme marketing emails.

You may opt-out of receiving marketing emails at any time by following the instructions provided in the email or as otherwise provided in the Privacy Policy, but operational emails will still be sent to you as they relate to your membership in the programme. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, redemption confirmation emails, points update emails, or other communications that relate to your account. If you terminate your programme membership, you will no longer receive any programme-related communications.

JPS will notify members of any changes to its loyalty programme via mail, email or telephone and will display any changes made on its website for a reasonable period of time.

JPS will take no liability if its members are not aware of changes made to the terms and conditions.


The rewards may change from time to time and may be offered on a limited basis. We reserve the right to change programme benefits, the duration of the programme and place limits on the number of purchases or activities that are eligible for the programme.

If a certain reward is out of stock or has been discontinued at the time of requesting that reward, JPS Print Consultants have the right to discuss with you an alternative or substitute reward to the same value.

There are no membership fees associated with JPS Print Consultants loyalty programme.

Points accumulated under the programme are promotional and have no cash value.

Members can check their reward progress by contacting Jason@jpsprintconsultants.com

Updates will automatically be sent to you via email

Any customer who deliberately misuses their loyalty membership or another person’s membership, will have it voided

Members found deliberately using their loyalty membership through a third party/on behalf of sales made through another customer will have their membership voided

Upon exit or amendment of JPS’s Loyalty programme, members will be given sufficient time to redeem any unclaimed reward they are eligible for.

Neither the Programme nor any benefit offered by the Programme creates, constitutes or gives rise to any legal or contractual rights by members against JPS Print consultants.

Privacy policy

At JPS Print Consultants we are committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of our customers and all the information that you provide to us.

JPS Print Consultants agree not to release a member’s personal information to any third party and agrees to protect your personal information in accordance with its privacy policy.

Disclosure of Information

JPS Print Consultants comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 in the United Kingdom.

We take all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorised access to and use of your personal data.

We will only use it to offer relevant products and services related to your enquiry, or to inform you of any changes to our website, services or goods and products.

We will not pass your details to any third party organisations for marketing purposes without your permission and will not be used by us for any purpose other than that you requested.


JPS Print Consultants respect the privacy of personal email accounts. Your details are stored as securely as any other personal information we hold. We will not send you unwanted email messages or junk email, nor will your details be passed to any organisation outside JPS Print Consultants with your express permission. If you have given us permission, we may use email to keep you up to date with news about our current services.

Personal information

As and when any personal information changes, for example your email address, postal address or contact numbers, please let us know the correct details by email



JPS Print Consultants website does not embed cookies when you visit our website.

Third party sites

Third party internet sites that you can link through our website are not covered by our Privacy Policy. We accept no responsibility for these sites.

Contact Us

For further information about the loyalty reward programme and your membership, please contact Jason on 0800 0834 827 or Jason@jpsprintconsultants.com