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Partially addressed mail – our latest direct mail offering

Since the introduction of the GDPR last year, many companies have been worried about contacting potential customers without consent.  As a result, they have not been able to market themselves as they would like to.  The Partially addressed mail service could potentially overcome this issue as no name is needed to personalise the envelope.  This would address some worries of mailing in a post GDPR world.

Partially addressed mail – an alternative to cold calling for generating new business

Royal Mail have recently brought out a new Partially Addressed service which helps customers overcome the issue of GDPR as no personally identifiable data is required.  JPS Print Consultants can help you save between 5p-10p per item on average over a cold list mailing with Partially addressed mail.

What is partially addressed mail?

This service is for advertisers prospecting to new customers. It is the same as normal addressed mail in that it is targeted but without the use of personal data of the recipients.  The new offering from the Royal Mail uses geo-demographics at postcode level.  However, the mail will be addressed to the household (for example – The Occupier, Book lover, Holiday Maker or whoever you choose).

Partially addressed mail blog envelopes

What are the benefits of partially addressed mail?

Aside from the benefit of simplifying your approach to prospecting, there are significant cost-savings to be made by using this service.

  • 4p saving per item on letter format items
  • 2p saving per item on large letter format
  • Significantly reduced cold data costs as no need to purchase personal data

In addition the service ensures that businesses are GDPR Compliant.

Royal Mail estimate that you will achieve 30% more reach and a solid 86% of recipients are engaged with mail received in this way.

How does partially addressed mail work?

For postcode areas that you are already targeting heavily, partially addressed mail works as a top up in those postcode areas. Your existing customers are removed so they don’t receive more than one letter.

What are the requirements to use this service?

There must be a minimum of 10,000 items per mailing and requirement to mail all households within each targeted postcode. (removing personal addresses, existing customers and suppressed customers).

All partially addressed mail needs to include a declaration to reassure the recipient that no personally identifiable details have been used in the creation of the mailing.

This service is still applicable for customers who are using the existing 70 advertising mail and mail mark services.

Combine the Partially Addressed Service with JPS Print Consultants for fantastic results.

We can provide you with a complete service for Partially Addressed Mail including sophisticated targeting and post project evaluation.

If you would like to find out more information on partially addressed mail and how it can help you, please contact Jason Smith on 0800 0834 827 or


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