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Take advantage of Royal Mail incentive packages for direct mail

Contact your customers for as little as 12p with Royal Mail’s new special offer incentive

Why not get ahead of your competitors with a good start to your marketing activities in 2020? This exciting offer allows businesses to send incremental Advertising, Responsible and Partially addressed mail for a little as 12p per item.

Direct mail is proven to be one of the most successful ways of driving people to your website and increasing sales. Many people are overwhelmed by the volume of email they receive. As a result, they simply don’t open the majority of marketing and promotional emails that come into their inbox. At JPS Print Consultants, we believe the best results are obtained when using printed mail and email as a combination within your marketing campaign.  You can read more about this in our blog.

The incentive period will run from 2nd January until 28th March giving you a great opportunity to contact your customers after Christmas, with a Valentine’s day or Mothers day campaign, a pre-Easter promotion or simply connecting with your customers during this period to remind and tempt them to purchase from you.

How does this incentive work?

  • The incentive is for all mailmark products (letter size postcards or envelopes or large letter polywrapped items)
  • Volumes between 30000 and 1million items.
  • Postage credits will be paid for each qualifying incremental item
  • Application forms must be submitted between 25th November 2019 and 13th March 2020

To be considered – JPS Print Consultants can help you with this application process.  Contact Jason for more details.

Postage rates

Format Weight Range January to March 2020 Incentive
Postage Rate (£)
Letter 0-100g 0.12
Large Letter 0-100g 0.21
Large Letter 101-250g 0.25

To find out more information on this incentive and how you can benefit from it, please contact Jason Smith on 0800 0834 827 or

Direct mail  works and is a cost effective marketing tool. Take advantage of this offer and make considerable savings on your marketing activities.

For further information visit Royal Mail’s website January-to-March-2020incentive offer and to see for full terms and conditions.

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