Direct mail important during Covid 19 lock-down

Many direct mail specialists believe that with substantially more people working from home than usual due to Covid -19, direct mail will gain more importance. It is likely more consumers will look at direct mail pieces as they now have more time than normal to read their mail.

“I spoke to a customer earlier this week who receives a catalogue every month which she never reads, however, when the catalogue arrived in the post the other day, she sat down with a coffee and looked through it.”

The best time to advertise your company is when others are not. Now is the perfect time to communicate with your customers, even if it is simply to say “We are open, you may not have used our online service before, but we can deliver directly to your door.”

The public will soon get tired of so much screen time and the negative news cycle. It is an important time to advertise and promote your company to ensure your brand demonstrates it’s caring side by communicating with your customers at this difficult time.

Changing shopping habits

We believe more people will be trying online shopping when they wouldn’t normally do so and will continue to shop online even when this crisis is over. Covid 19 is already increasing the amount of online shopping in different demographics (not just now but forever).

With consumer spending on going out curtailed, they are turning to making purchases online for themselves or their home. We understand that many businesses are wary of spending money on advertising at the moment and are concentrating on cash-flow, supporting their staff and staying open. However, consumers will be trying online shopping at home – this is where direct mail can have a huge positive impact on your business. Website visits are driven more by direct mail than any other marketing channels.

Past history in these moments of crisis has shown that the brands that come out the other side really strong are those that advertise through it, and those that hold back on their advertising spend are the ones that struggle to gain momentum when the country returns to the new normal. After the initial period of transition finishes, trade will return swiftly. Those companies that have advertised to their customers during this time will be ahead of their competitors.

Direct mail, more than glossy brochures

There are many ways of communicating with your customers, you don’t need to be sending out expensive glossy brochures all the time, you could send out leaflets, postcards, smaller brochures or even a letter.

JPS Print Consultants have a vast experience in print and direct mail and can help you plan the best campaign to suit your needs and budget.

Contact Jason at JPS Print Consultants today to see how we can support your direct mail activities

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