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Naked Mailing as a mailing option – JPS Print Consultants

Naked Mailing could be the ideal solution for your next Direct Marketing campaign.

Is it always really necessary to have your printed items inserted into envelopes or polywrapped?  Did you know you can mail your marketing communications without them?  This method is called Naked Mailing and is a cost-effective approach to mailing.

Name and address details can be inkjetted onto the rear cover of the catalogue.  The items can then be sent out in the post without the need for any envelopes or polywrapping. (unfortunately naked mailings cannot include inserts).

We are helping more and more of our clients to take advantage of this option – saving themselves money on production and postal costs.

Where can cost savings be made?

Production  – By sending items out Naked, there is a cost efficiency in removing the cost of the carrier sheets, plus collation and polywrap.  By removing the need to use envelopes, there are further savings on insertion costs and of course the actual envelopes themselves.

Postal  – Naked mailing is considered more environmentally friendly.  As such they can qualify for Responsible mail postal discounts.  More and more businesses are looking to their CSR and sustainability policies to reduce their impact on the environment, so this can also be a benefit.

Would you like to know more about Naked Mailing and whether your campaigns would qualify?  Please contact us to discuss your particular objectives in more detail.

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