Why is it important to get a comparative quote for printing requirements?

A comparative quote can help ensure you are confident in your choice of printing company.  Are you happy with the service, quality and cost of your current print supplier? Most experienced marketers have a preferred print supplier and have used the same company for several years.  Its easy to continue with this approach and by no means unusual.  However, in order to get the best possible service and outcome for your needs, it is always worth re-assessing providers and costs, thus ensuring you have the best solution.

When did you last seek a comparative quote?

JPS Print Consultants are proud of the fact that we really look after our customers!  We also benefit from repeat business which we value tremendously.  We work closely with our clients across all aspects of design, print and mailing.  We consistently help save money on printing costs.   Rarely will one single printer be able to offer the vast range of services that we offer and at such competitive prices.  For example, your current supplier might be competitive on stationery or brochures, but they may not be able to price competitively on everything they produce.

The advantage of using JPS Print consultants is that we can ensure our clients are getting competitive prices everytime on every print job.  This is due to our extensive print experience and ability to fit the right job on the right machine.  We have put together a group of specialist printers who offer different services to form a larger group that is able to meet all your design, print and direct mail requirements.

We are pleased to have several clients who have provided testimonials for us recently.  For example Barracudas Activity Day Camps said “JPS always deliver on time and to the highest quality. As the prices are always competitive too, it is an easy decision of where to get the work printed.” Sarah Price, Barracudas Activity Day Camps.

We would love to offer you the opportunity to save money on your printing costs.  As an added incentive, for the month of November we are offering a free gift when you quote REM0001 and ask us for a new quote.

Save money on your next print and direct mail project

Save money on Digital print and mailing services

Take advantage of our extensive print and direct mail expertise.  We can help you save money on your next project.

Our expert team are pleased to advise you on economical print formats to help you save money on your print costs.  We can also help you maximise cost savings on postage.

Through our years of working in the industry we have built strong relationships with a variety of printers.  This allows us to have access to the right machinery for all different types of print work. As a result we can offer our customers competitive prices whilst maintaining high quality service.

We are delighted to offer our clients a wider range of services than ever. We would love to support you with your design, printing and direct mail requirements. Trust us to ensure the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Have a look round the rest of our website for our full range of services, customer testimonials and sign up for our top tips.

Once you are ready, give us a call or drop us an email and ask us for a quote – you will be surprised at the savings we can offer you.  With Christmas just around the corner, we look forward to helping you prepare for this busy season.

The school holidays are almost here!


JPS happy to support Barracudas with print requirements

What are your autumn print requirements?

School holidays are fast approaching in the UK, or have already arrived for some!  However many of us may still be thinking about childcare options. Its always tricky working out how to manage the balance between giving the children a great holiday and managing our regular work/life juggle.

One company thriving in holiday childcare is Barracudas Activity Day Camps.  They have been successfully offering day camps for school-age kids at over 39  locations in the South East of England for the past 25 years.  As an Ofsted registered childcare provider, they are a fantastic option.  Barracudas offer lots of fun stimulating activities to keep children entertained all summer long.

As you might expect, their planning cycle starts a little earlier than some of us parents!  Here at JPS Print Consultants, we are pleased to support Barracudas’ valuable pre-activity print promotion.  JPS Print Consultants do this on an ongoing basis in the run up to the holiday period.

We regularly support Barracudas with the printing of leaflets, brochures, training manuals, stationery as well as direct mail campaigns, certificates, and posters.

“JPS always deliver on time and to the highest quality. As the prices are always competitive too, it is an easy decision of where to get the work printed.” Sarah Price, Barracudas Activity Day Camps.

The next half term is always just around the corner, a little like the next printing season.  With over 16 years’ experience, we are already gearing up for a busy September and beyond.
Which project is next on your to do list? The autumn catalogue, a promotional campaign or a direct mail piece to promote your latest customer offer?  Our objective is to make the whole process easy for you.  You can have peace of mind that your job will be completed efficiently and effectively.

Please give us a call on 0800 0834 827 to discuss your requirements.