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Save Money with 4 great Royal Mail Postal Incentives

We are frequently finding that many companies are not taking advantage of the various Royal mail postal incentives that are available.  Here at JPS Print Consultants, a critical element of our ongoing service to all our customers is to help reduce the cost of the postage element of marketing programmes.  We can do this by selecting the best incentive to match your particular marketing activity.

Below is a complete overview of the incentives and campaigns that Royal mail offer. The discounts are in the form of postage credits.  These credits can be redeemed with Royal Mail or any downstream access providers such as Secured mail, Citipost, UK Mail and Onepost.

Royal Mail Postal Incentives

1.  First time users

Royal Mail offer postal incentives to customers who have never used advertising mail or who haven’t used it for the past 24 months.  By taking up this offer, customers can claim a 15% discount for up to 3 mailing campaigns within a 12 month period with a minimum of 10k items per mailing. (single one off mailings do not qualify).  Recent market research has shown that customers like receiving information in the post and are more likely to purchase from you as a result.

2. Testing and Innovation

Companies that already send out mail may want to test different offers and formats to see which works best.  In this situation, the testing and innovation incentive will be of benefit.  In real terms this can boost your ROI by a huge 12%. Discounts vary between 15% for advertising mail and 30% for business mail. This scheme is for mail sent over a 6 month period, sending at least 10k items and can measure testing activity. For business mail, there is an additional 10% discount for 6 months to support the roll out should the test be successful.

3. Scheme for growth

This is one of the royal mail postal incentives for companies that want to grow their business by increasing the amount of mail they send.  Increasing the volumes you send, can have a direct impact on  your sales.

The postage savings enable you to target new customers or increase frequency of mailing campaigns. Discounts are for the incremental mail of 150k items or more sent over a 12 month period.

Users are entitled to discounts on any items posted above an agreed baseline (determined by Royal mail based on your historic advertising mail volumes). Visit the Royal Mail Wholesale website  here for more details.

4. Door to Door mailing

Door drops such as leaflets and brochures effectively connect with a wide audience at a very affordable cost.  A huge 92% of people say they read door drops they receive.  An additional 67% say they were prompted to make a purchase as a result of receiving door drops. For as little as £500 it is possible to reach as many as 8,000 potential households.

This scheme offers a 10% discount for new users of door drops within a 6 month period.

JPS Print Consultants are here to guide you

Let JPS Print consultants help guide you through the royal mail postal incentives system.  We can save money on your postage costs and would love to discuss your mailing requirements with you.  We seek the most cost effective mailing solution for your company.  Please contact Jason on 0800 0834 827 or send me an email at  Our team are happy to support you.  We are able to deliver your whole mailing campaign from initial design concept, print, fulfilment and postage.

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A comparative quote can help ensure you are confident in your choice of printing company.  Are you happy with the service, quality and cost of your current print supplier? Most experienced marketers have a preferred print supplier and have used the same company for several years.  Its easy to continue with this approach and by no means unusual.  However, in order to get the best possible service and outcome for your needs, it is always worth re-assessing providers and costs, thus ensuring you have the best solution.

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